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A Few Words from PNGI's Directors



At PNGI we have a mission statement that matters:  "Empowering People Towards Excellence".  We have also developed a very solid set of Operating Principles and Programs Standards that reflect our values as far as how we, as a company, want to conduct ourselves and what type of work we want to produce.  Our values are reflected in our mission, principles and standards and we always go back to reflect on these during the course of our work.  We practice what we preach and we walk-the-walk.


In the world of accredited agencies, there is something very important that can seem to get lost along the way... that is the issue of Quality.  Quality services are not just services that can be paperwork compliant, but that can show their actual outcomes are making a positive difference in people's lives: services that can show that they are focused and purpose driven.  At PNGI the issue of quality is very important in every service we provide.  If we don't feel we can provide the best quality service possible, we won't take on the task.


Networking is in our company name and it is also an essential component to our work.  We are very interested in networking with others.  Cooperation is key to establishing relationships that can provide mutual benefit.  We are a privately owned company, yet we are more interested in cooperating than competing.  We have demonstrated this over and over through the time we volunteer on committees and boards, the donations of time and resources we contribute and in the way we share our knowledge, experience and resources with others near and far.








It all began in 1992...

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PNGI’s Directors

Introducing the founders and company directors of PNGI

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Awards & Recognition

Recognitions of Excellence in more ways than one!

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PNGI Director Wins National Award of Excellence

Chris Arnold, M.Sd. Psych awarded the CASE Wiltshire Award of Excellence in Supported Employment at the 2015 National Conference in Victoria BC.

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