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About Employment Services

Non-Traditional Job Development works! 

Instead of traditional resumes, PNGI creates Job Seeker Profiles.

Instead of looking in the classified ads, PNGI networks in the business community.

Instead of going on traditional job interviews, PNGI helps people write Job Proposals.

Instead of asking employers to be charitable and hire a person with a disability, PNGI shows employers how valuable such a person could be to their business.  PNGI talks about purchasing power!

PNGI knows these techniques work.  With 19 years of experience, the proof is in all the real paid jobs PNGI has helped create.  Regardless of the size of a community or the state of the ecconomy, Non-Traditional Job Development works.  PNGI has taken these techniques and replicated this success in larger urban cities and in small communities and the results are consistantly positive.

If traditional employment strategies aren't working, do it differently. The possibilities are endless!


** Note:  PNGI no longer provides supported employment services through Community Living BC as of April 30, 2013. 

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PNGI Director Wins National Award of Excellence

Chris Arnold, M.Sd. Psych awarded the CASE Wiltshire Award of Excellence in Supported Employment at the 2015 National Conference in Victoria BC.

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