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Training Topics

These are just some of the training topics available from PNGI


Behavioural and Crisis Management Topics

     * Roots of Challenging Behaviour in Children

     * Anxiety Issues

     * Power of Consistency

     * Staying Calm: How to Maintain Rational Professionalism

     * Risk Assessment

     * Non-Aversive Behaviour Management

     * Crisis Management:  for Children, Adults, Airlines

     * Workplace Violence Prevention

     * Sexuality and People with Disabilities

     * Understanding Stress and it's impact on service providers

     * Setting Limits with Children:  1-2-3 Magic!


Employment Topics

     * Making it Work - Non Traditional Job Development Training

     * Positive Behaviour Supports & Employment

     * The Value of Work - History of evolution from segregation to social integration in BC

     * Marketing for Smarties

     * Business Approach to Job Development

     * Job Developer Toolkit Training

          - Job Development Brainstorming

          - Job Seeker Profiles

          - Job Proposals

          - Job Coaching Principles

     * Visual Communication Strategies at Work

     * Seeing Opportunity Everywhere!


Professional Skill Areas

     * Values Based Principles in Community Living

     * Report Writing and Documentation

     * Setting Smart Goals

     * Quality Service Delivery


Communication Topics

     * Visual Communication

     * Survival Sign Language

     * Screaming for Attention:  Behaviour and Communication

     * Respectful & Effective Communication Skills

     * How to talk with People with Disabilities about Sex?


Disability Issue Topics

     * Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

     * Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

     * Evolution of Community Living

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PNGI Director Wins National Award of Excellence

Chris Arnold, M.Sd. Psych awarded the CASE Wiltshire Award of Excellence in Supported Employment at the 2015 National Conference in Victoria BC.

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