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Behaviour Consulting

PNGI believes that all behaviour communicates something. While many people use words to express their wants and needs, those who do not know the words, or cannot use words, use their behaviour to express themselves. At times these behaviours can be challenging. One must first understand what is motivating or causing them, then alternative behaviours can be put forth that might replace the challenging one(s).

PNGI specializes in working with challenging and aggressive behaviour. PNGI's professional staff can meet with the support team for a child, youth or adult to determine what type of behavioural support would be most effective.

Behavioural Consultation:  Involves between 1-3 visits from PNGI's Behaviour Therapist and some behind the scenes work meeting with parents or caregivers and reviewing historical records.  Suggestions or strategies are proposed to help manage the challenging behaviour.

Behavioural Assessments:  An indepth assessment process which involves approximately 20 hrs of direct observation in the different areas of the person's life as well as interviews with people who know the person and a historical records review.  A detailed report is produced outlining observations and some recommendations for dealing with the challenging behaviour.

Communication Assessments:  If a person needs assistance to be able to either communicate their needs more successfully to others or to have a better way to understand what others are communicating to them, PNGI works with the team to assess some options for augmentative communication systems.

Accessing Services:

If you live in the Terrace, Kitimat, or Prince Rupert areas and are interested in getting a referral for these services for a child with a developmental disability you can contact the Ministry for Children & Family Development (MCFD) Social Worker that is responsible for Children and Youth with Special Needs (CYSN)

If you live in the Terrace, Kitimat, or Prince Rupert areas and are interested in getting a referral for these services for an adult with a developmental disability you can contact your local Community Living BC (CLBC) office.


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