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Program Standards


*  At the core of PNGI is the belief that all behaviour equals communication for an individual. 

*  Behaviours - both positive and negative - meet a need for an individual.

*  PNGI's services must also meet a need and respect the person’s communication and try to understand their needs.

*  PNGI believes in using an educative approach to teach people alternate, more functional ways to get their needs met, vs. using eliminative approaches to simply make them stop behaving a certain way.

*  PNGI respects the roles of caregivers (parents or alternate) in a person’s life.  These key people are important to any behaviour plan and the plan should be relevant for them.

*  Any professional support offered to an individual should be carried out only after informed consent has been established by a person who has the capacity and competence to understand the services being proposed.  If this is not the person who is the focus of the support, it should be someone who would reasonably be seen as having his/her best interests in mind.

*  PNGI believes that many crises are preventable with good, proactive planning and supports.

*  Follow up support is essential to ensure effectiveness, continuity and a historical perspective of knowledge.

*  PNGI believes that a multi-disciplinary team approach is crucial and important for good planning.

*  Training is key for agencies, individuals and caregivers.

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PNGI Director Wins National Award of Excellence

Chris Arnold, M.Sd. Psych awarded the CASE Wiltshire Award of Excellence in Supported Employment at the 2015 National Conference in Victoria BC.

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