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PNGI Exceeds Employment Outcome Targets by 22%!

PNGI is very proud to report that we have not only met our annual targets for the 2012 / 2013 contract year, but we have exceeded them!

PNGI has just wrapped up year 4 of a 5 year contract with the Ministry for Social Development.  The contract is titled "Individualized Employment Services for people with Specific Disabilities" (IESSD) and it allows us to provide some very specialized and customized employment supports for people age 15 and up who have any of a number of specific disabilities such as a cognitive disability, learning disability, mental health issues, autism spectrum disorder, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder or other brain injury.

The best part is that this isn't even the first year that we have been able to celebrate this milestone!  This is a real achievement for an agency that works with people with some very challenging barriers to employment.

At PNGI we have almost two decades of experience delivering non traditional employment services to people with disabilities.  At the heart of our success we know a few things that were key: 

1. Training

At PNGI we strongly believe in training for employees.  It is absolutely key to success.  Unfortunately it is often one of the first things cut when budgets are tightened, but not at PNGI.  

2. Strong Supervision

Not to brag, but Marg and Chris really know their stuff.  Why wouldn't they, with a combined 56 years of experience.  We practice what we preach, and we preach a lot, including at our regular weekly employment team meetings.  This time is also crucial to our teams' success and we can show that with our results!

3. Non Traditional Employment Strategies

The idea of the same services accessible to everyone is nice in theory but the reality is individual issues need individual solutions.  At PNGI we have spent two decades developing and practicing a number of successful non-traditional employment strategies that are proven effective with people with significant barriers to employment.  When traditional methods don't work, try non-traditional methods and you will see their benefit.  Such strategies might take longer for some folks but the results are solid.  Sometimes you need to utilize the expertise a specialized service can offer.

4. Great Staff

Special thanks to Mark and Bonnie, our wonderful team members at PNGI during that year.  You two did the front line work that needed to be done to achieve these results.


Thanks also to our funding partner, the Ministry for Social Development for allowing us to do this great work.


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